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Make Your Own BITMOJI Stickers

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Have you seen everyone’s super cute Bitmoji stickers? Now you can make them too. If you want to make them in English skip step #2.

Here are the easy steps to help you make Bitmoji stickers that your students will LOVE! You will need a phone or computer with the Bitmoji app or Chrome extension, printable labels or sticker paper and a printer to make your own stickers.

***I created my stickers by saving individual Bitmoji images on my phone then e-mailing them to myself. There is also a way to create them using the Bitmoji Chrome extension.***

1. GET THE APP OR EXTENSION: Download the Bitmoji app from the App store on your phone. Create your Bitmoji by following the prompts given to you in the app.  It is super easy and FUN!  My Bitmoji is the Glamour Shots version of myself (hehehe!).

2. SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE: To create Bitmoji stickers EN ESPAÑOL on your iPhone go to SETTINGS then GENERAL. Scroll down to “Language & Region” then change your “iPhone Language” to “Español (EE. UU.) Spanish (US).” It takes a few seconds for your phone to reconfigure. When it does, open the Bitmoji app and most of your Bitmojis should now appear with Spanish words. Some will still have English as not all of them change to Spanish.

3. SELECT YOUR BITMOJIS: Scroll through the Bitmojis to see which ones you like. If you like one, select it and you should have the option to save it on your phone. Once I have saved 5-10 of them, I e-mail them to myself instead of e-mailing them one at a time.  After you e-mail them to yourself you’ll want to save them to the computer you are using so you can easily upload them later to the document you create.

4. CHOOSE YOUR STICKER PAPER: If you use sticker paper you can simply create a document in Google docs or Word and insert the Bitmojis of your choice.  Then print them on the sticker paper. I tried this but then you have to cut out each sticker. It took too long for me and I wanted mine to look a little more professional so the second time I made Bitmoji stickers I used Avery brand 6791 “Durable ID Labels.” I liked them because there are 32 stickers 1.25×1.75in in size.  I bought mine at Staples.

5. CREATE YOUR DOCUMENT: I then used the Avery.com website template for the 6791 labels. I inserted a variety of the Bitmoji images that I had saved & e-mailed to myself to fill up all of the boxes.  I saved my document on the Avery.com website so I can easily go back and print out more because once word spreads…you’ll be flying through them!

6. PRINT: Once your document is ready…PRINT!

Aren’t they ADORABLE? I love them!  If you make some please let me know.  Leave a comment here or tag me on Instagram {@ProfeHarri}.  I’d LOVE to see your creations!

2017…the Year of the Teacher Blog

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Wow, I cannot believe that 2017 is winding down.  In August I started my 20th year of teaching…say WHAT?  How is that possible?  Even though now I am a “veteran teacher,” I am always looking for ways to improve and strengthen myself and my teaching as well as learn from my awesome Teacher Tribe.  Soooooo, this year I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store, started an Instagram account and created this blog.  I’ve enjoyed them all but already know that I would like to post more items in my TPT store and write more blog entries.  Shout out to Kelsey Hayes for sharing her blog secrets to help me get this up and running.

Here’s the good stuff:  I’ve joined forces with over 25 AWESOME Spanish educators to help bring you the LO MEJOR de 2017!  How amazing is that? The internet has helped to create an incredible Spanish Tribe that share ideas, tips, resources and activities regularly.  You guys rock!

My top selling item of 2017 was my Manía Musical aka March Madness of Latin Music.  It was inspired by Señora Weinhold’s March Madness and Música Miércoles activities.  It is a Google slideshow of the March Madness of Latin Music.  How is it different than other people’s March Madness activities?  I created a digital file that provides a link to a school appropriate video by clicking on each song name.  My students are all about the videos.  If the song’s official video was not school appropriate I found one that was. My school uses Schoology as a learning platform but you could share the link with your students so they can preview each song before they have to vote on their favorite.  I teach grades 6, 7 & 8 so I had each grade vote on different rounds.  All students were able to vote in the final round.

Click on this picture to find the LO MEJOR de 2017!  ¡Buena suerte!  ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  A super big thank you to The Spanish Resource Shop for organizing all of this awesomeness.

Un abrazo,


Learning Stations in the Foreign Language Classroom

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How many of you want your students to speak more in the target language?  All of us do!!!  I starting using “learning stations” with my students in grades 1-5 and have continued to use them with my middle schoolers.  Why do I use them?  Learning stations are a fun way to mix up listening, speaking, writing and reading.  By having short tasks, students feel a sense of accomplishment.  They also are a nice change of pace to keep things fresh and new.  Plus, my students LOVE hands on activities.  Once you build up your bag o’ tricks of station tasks, your kids will always be kept on their toes and loving what you put out for them.  They’ll even request their favorite station!!! (more…)