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MY FIRST POST! ¿Quién soy?

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Welcome to the official launch of Profe Harri’s blog.  I am so excited to be sharing helpful resources and information with all of you.  I would like to thank Kelsey Hayes for giving me the push in the right direction to get this blog up and running.  So….here we go.


I just completed my 19th year of teaching Spanish! {OMG, how is that possible?} I taught a year of high school right out of college, then sixteen years of elementary school Spanish {1 yr 4/5 FLES, 15yrs 1-5 FLEX} and have spent the last two years teaching middle school Spanish {6, 7 + 8}. I have taught in the same district in Massachusetts for seventeen years.  On one hand it has flown by and on the other I can’t believe it.  I am the proud mother of a two year old son and an eleven year old Goldendoodle.  Juggling full time work and being a mom keeps my life busy yet interesting.   Ok, truth be told…it makes my life CRA–ZY!  If you can relate to that or want to share/swap ideas for helping to make your Spanish class fun yet productive, this is the place for you!

Stay tuned…my first REAL post will be on how PADLET transformed my classes this year.

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