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Month: July 2017

Learning Stations in the Foreign Language Classroom

Published / by kellharr / 4 Comments on Learning Stations in the Foreign Language Classroom

How many of you want your students to speak more in the target language?  All of us do!!!  I starting using “learning stations” with my students in grades 1-5 and have continued to use them with my middle schoolers.  Why do I use them?  Learning stations are a fun way to mix up listening, speaking, writing and reading.  By having short tasks, students feel a sense of accomplishment.  They also are a nice change of pace to keep things fresh and new.  Plus, my students LOVE hands on activities.  Once you build up your bag o’ tricks of station tasks, your kids will always be kept on their toes and loving what you put out for them.  They’ll even request their favorite station!!! (more…)